Safety and security film is important for any business to incorporate, but an even more crucial use is in schools.

It is nearly impossible to oversell the value and need for added security in school buildings. The windows are an easy place to add more security with our 3M™ Safety and Security Film. 3M™ Safety and Security Film has been incorporated into hundreds of U.S. schools.

Schools have chosen this solution because:

  • It is more cost effective than replacing all windows and doors with laminated glass
  • It is easily applied, even over existing glazing
  • While it cannot stop intruders from entering school buildings, it does act as a deterrent, providing precious response time by slowing the intruder down

3M recommends the following safety products for optimum security:

  • Scotchshield Ultra: S800 – for strong, tear resistance
  • Safety Series: S140 – holds broken glass together so windows won’t shatter
  • Impact Protection Attachment Systems – bonds the filmed window to the frame, offering the highest level of protection when combined with another safety film

Types of Safety & Security Films

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